MeV Summer School
July 21, 2015 — July 30, 2015

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The MeV Summer School will provide early career nuclear engineers with advanced studies in integrated modeling, experimentation, and validation to prepare them for some of the key challenges and demands facing the nuclear energy renaissance.

Successful students will leave with a holistic, forward-looking view of MeV that cannot be provided by any other current curriculum. The school provides a forum for drawing the best topical expertise from around the globe. It is the aim of the school to foster the development of a next-generation network of engineering scientists and engineers capable of leading the cultural transformation to computationally-assisted design, operation and safety of advanced nuclear power plants. The MeV Summer School integrates a wide range of teaching and mentoring expertise, deeply underpinned by knowledge, skills, and experience. The courses are designed to broaden student knowledge and equip them with modern approaches to reactor physics analysis of nuclear systems; emphasis is placed on anticipating future needs of the profession.

The 2015 central theme is novel challenges in multi-physics modeling, simulation and analysis of reactor systems.

Within the scope of the 10-day school, the following topics will be addressed in an integrated fashion:

Students are grouped in teams to work on course assignments that build on the lecture materials and address challenging questions in reactor safety. Each team will be working closely with and mentored by senior scientists and professors who are leaders in the field. Successful students will take away a solid theoretical foundation, as well as a set of practical examples to guide their future work on experimental design, model development and validation.

In the evening sessions, the students have an opportunity to interact with the School lecturers and senior scientists from national labs. A student booklet will be prepared introducing each student's research, allowing the students to obtain feedback and input from prominent experts/lecturers and facilitating student-student interactions and networking.

The program also includes a special event on "Design and Safety Analysis of Advanced Nuclear Reactors: Future Direction and R&D Needs," with plenary talks by a distinguished panel, including representatives from nuclear industry, academia, and government. The panel will be open for questions/answers and interaction with the panelists.

Classroom instruction will be augmented by tours to an Exelon nuclear plant and to the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Facility at Argonne National Laboratory.

Graduate credit will be awarded for the successful completion of the MeV Summer School, upon request, and at additional cost to the student.


Argonne National Laboratory Idaho National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory Center for Advanced Energy Studies Idaho State University